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A dozen PUK candidates accuse party of withholding ‘real election results’

2018/05/18 | 11:55

(Iraq Now News)-

The request of the PUK candidates from their party comes at a time that most of the parties in the Kurdistan Region, including the leading Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), rejected the preliminary results of the election in Sulaimani, Kirkuk, and Halabja provinces, calling for manual recounting of the votes.

The blame of making fraud votes and programming the electronic election devices are directed to the PUK, but the party denied the allegations.

On Saturday, people across Iraq and the Kurdistan Region took part in national legislative elections, the first since the defeat of the Islamic State (IS).

Turnout stood at 44.5 percent, according to IHEC.

It is the lowest voter turnout rate in Iraq in the past 13 years.

In the 2014 elections, roughly 60 percent headed to the polls.

Unlike previous elections, a biometric and electronic voting system was used for verifying voter cards, fingerprints, and counting ballots—a system meant to streamline the electoral process and prevent voter fraud.

However, hours after polling stations were closed, complaints arose, notably in the PUK stronghold of Sulaimani.

Most parties contesting the results pointed the finger at the PUK, accusing them of tampering with the ballots and election results soon after they declared victory in that province.

“I am a Gorran member of the Kurdistan Parliament.

I voted with my family at our local polling station.

The electronic vote-counting device later showed that my party had not even received a single vote in that station,” Bestun Fayeq, a Gorran member of the Kurdistan Parliament asserted while speaking to Kurdistan 24 on Sunday.

He claimed the voting devices had been pre-programmed to favor one party over the others.

Other parties across Iraq have made similar claims, calling on IHEC to investigate voter fraud and recount votes manually, but the IHEC so far believes the manual recounting is unnecessary.

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