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Israeli Official: Iran bigger threat than IS, independent Kurdistan will bring stability

2017/09/12 | 20:55

(Iraq Now News)- WASHINGTON, United States (Kurdistan 24) – During a conference in Washington, an Israeli official warned against Iran’s global threat and said an independent Kurdistan would contribute to stability in the Middle East.

In a meeting organized by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Former Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Major General Yair Golan said he believes establishing a Greater Kurdistan (a state that would include the Kurdish-populated territories of Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey) in the Middle East is a good idea and could stabilize the region.

The general also said he personally does not think the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), battling the Turkish government for Kurdish rights, is a terrorist organization.

The official added he thought Iran was “much more threatening” compared to the Islamic State (IS).

He explained that Iranians were more diplomatic and sophisticated in promoting their ideologies and regional ambitions.

“Because the Iranians are sophisticated, they are a higher form of civilization, they have a nice academic infrastructure, nice industry, good scientists, many talented young people.

They are very similar to us.

And because they are similar to us, they are much, much more dangerous,” Maj.


Golan said.

He added that Israel and Iran could curb each other’s influences but, with the help of the US, Israel would be able to stop Iran.

“While we can achieve decisive victory over Hezbollah…and while we can defeat any Shia militia in Syria…we cannot fight Iran alone,” Maj.


Yair Golan stated.

An Israeli official in the United States previously told Kurdistan 24 Israel would be one of the first countries to recognize a Kurdish state once Kurds declare independence.

During an interview with Kurdistan 24, Reuven Azar, the Israeli Deputy Head of Mission in the US, discussed Israel’s relationship with the Kurdistan Region.

“We [Israel] think that the Kurdish people have shown throughout the history that they are interested [in achieving] the same goals that Israel is, which is prosperity for their people,” he stated.

“[Kurds] are ready, like the Israeli’s are, to fight for life, not to celebrate death, but to fight for life,” he added.

The Israeli official stated that Israel’s relationship with Kurdistan is a “natural alliance” and the two share the same values.

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