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Syrian rebels attacks ISIS in western Daraa

2017/10/12 | 18:20

(Iraq Now News)- Representational Photo.

Daraa (Syria News) The Syrian rebels carried out a wide offensive, on Thursday, on the Islamic State headquarters, in the western countryside of Daraa, sources told Qasioun News.

The sources informed that the Syrian rebels attacked the headquarters of the Islamic State group in the area of al-Yarmouk Basin, in the western countryside of Daraa, in order to force the terrorist group to break the siege imposed on the Iraqi town of Heet.

Factions of the Syrian rebels bombarded the Islamic State headquarters located in the areas of Jalin, Sahm al-Golan, Adwan, Tal Ashtara, Libyan brigade and Galin camp, in western Daraa, using heavy artillery and rockets.

It is noteworthy that the Islamic State allied Jayesh Khaled Ibn al-Waleed militia managed to retake large areas of land in al-Yarmouk basin, last year, after clashes with the militias belonging to the rebels.

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