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GRAPHIC: IS militants hunt Shia forces in GTA-style assault

2017/09/14 | 22:00

(Iraq Now News)-

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) – The Islamic State (IS) recently released a video showing their fighters chasing a group of Shia militia Hashd al-Shaabi on foot, with many social media users comparing the footage to the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video game.

The video was released by Furat, the militant group’s propaganda news network.

In the footage, IS extremists ambush a group of Hashd al-Shaabi forces, also known as the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), in a desert area of the Anbar Province.

The attack reportedly occurred in the Said area of western Iraq near the Syrian border, according to local media.

The PMF have been fighting alongside the Iraqi army against the militant group.

After their vehicle is targeted, the Shia forces attempted to flee before being captured by the IS fighters and dragged away.

The Shia convoy contained three members.

The driver was shot and killed immediately, while the other two were detained and beheaded later.

WARNING: The video contains graphic content.

IS released photos of the ambush last week before publishing the video of the attack which is thought to have taken place in late August or early September.

Anbar Province remains in the hands of the militant group as Iraqi forces, backed by the US-led coalition, continue to battle the extremists in their last remaining strongholds.

Despite significant defeats in Mosul and Tal Afar, IS continues to carry out suicide attacks and ambushes.

On Thursday, the extremist group claimed responsibility for a triple-attack in southern Iraq which killed over 50 people and injured scores more.

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