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2017/12/01 | 11:16

(Iraq Now News)- A senior Iraqi official has bought this news site at a high price to fight critics of Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi, the local media center in Iraq said.

Hatha al-Youm, a search engine based on news feeds, was launched in October 2011 with the support of Hatha al-Youm media group, but no one knows exactly who is the head and financier of this site which was launched a few days before the foundin “Faceiraq” site by al-Hal party led by Gamal Karbouli,.

The Internet in Iraq has dozens of news sites and can be seen by browsing Hatha al-Youm site and other search engines.

"Electronic armies".

"These plans are aimed at promoting political positions, dropping opponents, pirating an account or sending threatening messages, as well as spreading false news that fuels sectarianism in the war-torn country," said the official, who declined to be identified.

The clash between these armies has reached a climax recently, especially on the site (Hatha al-Youm), which users communicate social media news frequently on Facebook and Twitter.

blogger Abdul Latif Zaidi comment on this matter by saying: These news sites "have become platforms to promote the ideology of political parties, and at the same time a tool to drop opponents through the publication of sexual scandals or files and documents condemning financial corruption." "There are prominent media and activists working in electronic armies that are funded by parties or senior officials of the Iraqi government," the Gulf-based Gulf-based website said.

Al-Zaidi pointed out that "each party has its own agendas and plans and a path that is not allowed to exit it, which restricts the media not to display the full picture and offer it incomplete for the account of a particular denomination or politician." "War against the Islamic State".

The major search engines in Iraq, especially Today and the Encyclopedia of Iraq, played a pivotal role in the three-year war against the Islamic state, to the extent that American diplomats are now relying on their mobile phones.


Information security expert Ahmed al-Dulaimi says: "In recent times have escalated penetrations and theft accounts of activists, writers and media, especially in the capital Baghdad." Al-Dulaimi told Gulf Online: "We have formed a special team of experts to follow up the penetration process that is taking place and from any region, and show the presence of electronic armies managed from the Green Zone." He pointed out that there are hundreds of pages to be confused and Free of partisan platforms, or pages that operate in the same way as truth.

Source: Mawso3at al-iraq - Alsumaria News - Gulf Online – al- Furat channel

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