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Supreme Court rejects former Kirkuk governor’s appeal

2017/11/14 | 20:22

(Iraq Now News)- An attempt by the former Kirkuk Governor, Najmadin Karim, to challenge the decision removing him from office has been rejected by Federal Supreme Court in Baghdad.

Regarding the former governor’s appeal, a spokesperson for the Federal Supreme Court, Eyas Samuk said in a written statement obtained by NRT that Karim’s plea against the Iraqi Parliament decision was discussed during a meeting.

“The Supreme Court rejected the case, and confirmed that the decision to dismiss was administrative rather than jurisdictive so that it cannot be considered by the Federal Supreme Court," said Samuk.

The Iraqi Parliament on September 14 voted to remove Kirkuk Governor Najmadin Kareem from office hours after Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi requested parliament to decide on his removal.

Bakhtyar Shaways, a Kurdish lawmaker from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) faction in the Iraqi Parliament, told NRT the removal of the governor of Kirkuk was not in the parliament’s scheduled session but added to the schedule that day following a vote.

“The decision was made without an agreement [between all factions].

It was just in an agreement between all the parliamentary Arab blocs,” Shaways said.

Najmadin and the provincial council had decided to include Kirkuk governorate in the Kurdistan independence referendum, which Baghdad was against.

Twenty-two members of the Kirkuk Provincial Council voted in favor of Kirkuk’s involvement in the referendum.

Turkmen and Arab blocs, however, boycotted the session.

The Iraqi Parliament voted with a majority of 173 to sack Kareem from his position as governor of Kirkuk on September 14.

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