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Chauvinism and Duplicity in Turkish International Policy

2017/11/15 | 12:45

(Iraq Now News)- Pro Erdogan demo, Turkey, July 2016.

Photo: Reuters


Jamal Fuad | Exclusive to

Turkish national and international policy reflect an extreme case of chauvinism, duplicity, closing on a form of an egoist superiority that says “Turkey above all”, as once the German dictator, Hitler, has uttered “Deutschland Ueber Alles”.

Examples are many:

Turkey invaded Cyprus and created a Turkish enclave in its northern territory on the excuse that its Moslem Turkish nationals need to be free and not be under the rule of the Christian Cypriots.

It is worried now that the few Turkmen in the village of Tel Afar and the city of Kirkuk, in Iraq, be given special status while their total population is less than half a million.

It forgets the fact that Kurds and Turkmen have lived in the area together for centuries in an amicable and cordial relationship.

While exhibiting such a behavior, protecting minority Turkmen and Turks ethnic groups, it forgets that it has over 25 million Kurdish nationals in the South East of Turkey, who for over half a century were not allowed to even speak their own language.

They were called “mountain Turks” who had forgotten their original language.

Turkey forgets that the Kurds lived in that same area centuries earlier, much before the arrival of the Turks from Mongolia in the 11th century.

Currently, Turkey has gone hysterical over the Iraqi Kurds, who carried out a referendum.

It forgets that self determination is the right of any nation as declared by the charters of the United Nations, and its parent organization, The League of Nations.

Turkey has been huffing and puffing, and conducting armed maneuvers across our border protesting the referendum that overwhelmingly voted “YES”,92%, for independence.

Turkey has been threatening to close border crossings, forgetting that Turkey has been the major beneficiary of the recent renaissance in Iraqi Kurdistan, having an annual trade balance amounting to over $12 billion.

This is like someone cutting his own nose to spite his face.

Since the end of the WW1, Turkey has been engaged in a vicious war against its Kurdish nationals, starting from the date the Turkish Government was formed.

Kurdish demands for a sovereign country, promised under the terms of the Sevres Treaty were totally ignored by the allies in the following enactment of the Treaty of Lausanne, signed in 1923.

The allies then applied the articles of the earlier agreed upon, the Sykes-Pico protocol, signed in 1916,that cut up the Kurdish territory among the victorious allies, England and France.

Kurdish protests notwithstanding, the area was divided between Syria, Turkey and Iraq, splitting the area where Kurds were the majority residents.

Such dissatisfaction lead into armed conflict in Turkey as of 1925, lasting for a decade long, only to restart once more, 50 years later, in 1985, which is continuing to present days.

Currently the South East of Turkey with the majority Kurdish residents is under strict military rule, with on and off curfews that have been devastating, with unfortunate daily human casualties on both sides, in spite of the calls of the humanitarian organizations and European countries to the contrary, and that the existing conflict with PKK cannot be resolved except through civilized negotiations between the two fighting groups.

To refresh our memories on the Kurds of Iraq, Saddam Hussein carried out a ferocious campaign against the Kurds(1975-1990).

He evicted over 182,000 village residents from their homes, in a campaign called the ANFAL, when over 5000 villages were burned and its residents, men women and children, were packed in military vehicles, transferred to the South of the country and were summarily killed, and then buried in a mass grave.

Saddam also used chemical bombs in Iraqi Kurdistan, killing only in one instance, 5000 men women and children in the town of Halabja.

This was carried out under the very awareness of the international community without a hand being raised in opposition to these ferocious un-humanitarian deeds.

Following these horrendous acts by the government of Iraq, and in the aftermath of the defeat of Saddam from Kuwait, the international community could no longer tolerate such savagery.

It eventually reacted to such inhuman behavior by creating a NO FLY zone and an enclave for the Kurds in the Kurdish area where the Kurds could finally find peace and safety and restart their normal life.

Since then, the Kurds elected a parliament, and formed a government to run their internal affairs.

Following the discovery of oil in the area, the Kurdish region saw a renaissance unseen before, and Turkey has been the main beneficiary of such a development.

Hundreds of Turkish construction engineers and large numbers of workers flooded the Kurdish Region, thus supporting large sectors of Turkish economies.

Unfortunately Turkish Chauvinistic, egoist and superiority complex has escalated the violence in the region and has stopped the lucrative daily border transactions that earned Turkey an annual trade balance of over $12 Billion.

The recent political upheaval in Iraqi Kurdistan has come about as the result of Kurds carrying out a referendum toward the possibility of a declaration of sovereignty.

It is considered a universal right of any group of people who wish to gain self-rule.

The League of Nations(1920) and the United Nations which replaced it(1945), have both legitimized the procedure.

Turkey and the rest of the international communities must realize that the Kurds are the largest community in the world without a state of their own.

We make up over 45 million people, living in a contingent geographic area called Kurdistan, with our own ethnic culture and religious believes.

We have been endowed with plentiful natural resourced of water, land, plus oil and Gas, and other minerals.

We have proved to have been responsive to the cries of the needy having taken care of massive flood of refugees of various ethnic, religious, and language backgrounds during the savagery that raised our lands by a criminal and cancerous organization called Daesh or ISIS.

We desire to live in peace, under a democratically based system, keep amicable relations with our neighbors, and cooperate with the international community on humanitarian and other aspects of mutual benefits.

Further we would like to utilize our resources for the benefit of our people.

The international reaction to the referendum, who unanimously objected to the declaration, was very much surprising and distressing, especially after realizing how the Kurdish people came forward to fight and eventually defeat Daesh, on behalf of the ENTIRE international community.

Over two thousand young Peshmegas were killed and a further 7000 were wounded in the fight against Daesh.

Further, and as stated earlier, 100ds of thousand refugees from a variety of ethnic creed and language were welcomed in Kurdistan and were taken care of by Kurdish people.

Therefore, the negative reaction of the international community towards the referendum was surprising, as much as it was shocking, and distressful to the entire Kurdish people.

To be sure the referendum was fair, orderly, lawful and was carried out in an atmosphere of complete freedom.

Sufficient monitors and international observers were present to ensure a fair and credible outcome.

Again, Kurds must be free as a nation to plan and decide on their own destiny.

As a footnote to this article, it looks as if Kurdish blood is cheap to spill, and that in the reason the international community looks the other way when Turkey is continuously bombarding our international borders, with daily human casualties and multiple property damage on the pretense of fighting the PKK.

Turkey need to remind itself that Saddam used every inhuman means of subjecting the Kurds to surrender without success.

Peaceful negotiation is the only way to resolve national and international conflicts.

We need to realize that armed suppression does not pay.

The Kurds have no malice against Turkey or Turkish people.

All we want is to live in peace as good and a civilized neighbor.

Jamal Fuad, Ph.D.

Retiree, FAO and the World Bank, international consultant.

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