Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – April 22, 2017

2017/04/22 | 08:50

(Iraq News)-

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Student accommodation in Sulaimani catches fire, injuries reported

Sulaimani: A student dormitory in Sulaimani city in Iraqi Kurdistan has caught fire on Friday evening. A firefighter has reportedly died while working to extinguish the fire, Rudaw reported. Initial reports indicate some students were injured in the fire.

The injured students have been rushed to the hospital, their condition is not known yet. The fire at the Qeliyasan dormitory at the Sulaimani University has caused substantial damage to the contents of the building.

Emergency services are on the scene.

Turkish jets bomb Iraqi Kurdistan’s Amedi area, one woman injured

Amedi: Turkish artillery and Turkish fighter jets shelled suspected positions of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) near Amedi, northeast of Duhok in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region.

The Turkish military artillery bombarded the Kurazhari Mountains in Shiladze sub-district around on Friday four times.

One person was injured due to the shelling and transferred to a hospital in Duhok, NRT reported.

A 35-year-old woman was injured in the aerial attacks. “On Friday afternoon, at 2:00 pm, Turkish fighter jets bombed Nerwa Rekan area in the Amedi region.

A woman who was there for spring herbs was injured,” assistant manager of Amedi hospital, Darwesh Rekani, told Rudaw.

Turkish warplanes were also flying over Amedi district, located some 77 kilometers northeast of Duhok. | |

Marking Kurdish Journalism Day, Barzani urges media to support referendum

Erbil: On the eve of the 119th anniversary of the publication of the first Kurdish newspaper, memorialized as Kurdish Journalism Day, the Kurdistan Region president hailed the development of the industry in the Region. “It is a matter of pride that journalism and media work in our country has passed good phases due to freedom and political pluralism.

And this is an opportunity for journalism to develop cultural, political, and social awareness among the people of Kurdistan, and in the meantime, for Kurdish journalism to be an important platform to convey the message of Kurdistan’s nation and its legal rights to the world,” Masoud Barzani said in a published statement. He congratulated Kurdish journalists in their coverage of the war against ISIS and called on them to “make efforts to support the referendum and independence process irrespective of any political and ideological allegiance.”



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