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Former French FM demands EU save Iran from mullahs' autocratic regime

2019/07/14 | 04:12

(Iraq Now News)- Former French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner has hailed Ashraf 3, the headquarters of the primary democratic Iranian Opposition’

People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), on their contributions to

promoting Iran’s freedom, according to the statement published by the National

Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).“This is a marvelous work of art here in Ashraf.

You really

deserve to build up a real country in Iran.

It is very well done.

Coming to

Ashraf 3 was a real reward for the people supporting you.

Now, we are facing

this new step, benchmark and era.

The era of freedom in Iran,” Kouchner said.During his speech to “Free Iran” at the annual conference on

Saturday, July 13 in Albania, the former minister demanded Europe’s leaders take the advice

of the NCRI to save Iran from the mullahs‘ autocratic regime based.


advocated for three things: “Elections based on the principle of universal

suffrage, including a pluralistic political system with free assembly, and the

abolition of the death penalty.” Kouchner talked about the ten-point plan presented by

NCRI President Maryam Rajavi for the future of Iran.“We are ready to relieve these people from this awful

religious system.

We are not against religion.

But we are against using

religion to kill people… Religion is also the liberation of the people,” he said. The ex-diplomat addressed Rajavi and described her as

“persistent and a fantastic model for the women of the world.”“We are completely with you to support such a fantastic

program,” he added.

An event on July 12 preceded today’s speech, featuring an

exhibition titled "120 Years of Struggle of the Iranian People for Freedom", a

snapshot of the history of the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom, according

to the NCRI women’s committee.

Rajavi was the keynote speaker at the event.

Former New

York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Colombian presidential candidate Senator

Ingrid Betancourt, former US vice presidential candidate Senator Joe Lieberman,

former French Defense Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie, and British MP Matthew

Offord were among those who came from across the globe to attend the annual gatherings

of the Iranian resistance event.

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