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Saudi crown prince 'in tune with youths, columnist says

2018/01/13 | 00:00

(Iraq Now News)- Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman has been in tune with, and even ahead of, Saudi youth when it comes to social reforms, Thomas Friedman said.

In an opinion piece posted on the New York Times, he said Bin Salman took bold steps on the path of modernization in Saudi Arabia.

"He issued decisions letting women attend sporting events with men, opening cinemas, inviting Western and Arab pop stars to perform in the kingdom and vowing to restore Saudi Islam to a more “moderate,” pre-1979 iteration — all part of a plan called “Vision 2030," the columnist noted.

 On the ongoing protests in Iran, he said the economic woes pushed the people, especially youths, to the streets.

"The spontaneous demonstrations that just erupted across Iran were triggered by the release of the latest national budget," Friedman noted.

He continued:" Unemployed Iranian youth saw just how much money was being poured into the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps.

(IRGC)— and their adventures in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen."

He also accused the regime of paying no heed to the Iranian youths.

"The regime has been focused not on empowering Iranian youth but on extending Tehran’s influence over failing Arab states, costing billions of dollars."

He also affirmed that the slogans chanted in the demonstrations are indicative.

That’s why protesters were chanting: “Death to Hezbollah”, "Death to the dictator"  and “Let go of Syria, think about us.”

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