Kurdistan’s oil production figures ‘inaccurate’: Iraqi oil ministry

2017/04/22 | 23:35

(Iraq News)- Asim Jihad, Iraq’s oil ministry spokesman.

Photo: Screenshot/Sky News TV – Arabic

BAGHDAD,— The figures released by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) regarding oil production are imprecise, the spokesman for Iraq’s Oil Ministry said.

Iraq’s Oil Ministry spokesman, Asim Jihad, told NRT Arabic on Thursday that numbers released by the Kurdistan Region are “inaccurate and uncertain.”

Jihad added that the KRG Ministry of Natural Resources does not provide information to the Iraq’s Oil Ministry on the amount the region has produced in the oil fields under its control.

He further said the ministry has no knowledge whether the KRG is committed to reducing its oil production in the region.

In March, the Iraqi Ministry of Oil announced that a lack of access to monitor the Kurdistan Region’s oil production has resulted in the ministry not having any information regarding oil revenue from independent sales undertaken by the regional government.

Kurdistan considered as the most corrupted part of Iraq. According to Kurdish lawmakers billions of dollars are missing from Iraqi Kurdistan’s oil revenues.

A Kurdish lawmaker said earlier in March the amount of $1.266 billion from oil exports and Iraqi Kurdistan’s revenue has gone missing over the last three months.

Iraqi Kurdistan officials including Massoud Barzani clan, Jalal Talabani family and PUK leaders have long been accused by the opposition and observers of corruption or taking government money.

According to local and international analysts the lack of control mechanisms in Iraqi Kurdistan makes it a paradise for illegal financial activities by the Kurdish ruling leaders.

Kurdistan Parliament is closed since October 2015 after Massoud Barzani’s KDP forces prevented parliament speaker Yusuf Mohammed Sadiq from entering Erbil.

Regarding an agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, Jihad said the KRG hasn’t abided by a deal which was reached between both sides in December 2014 whereby Erbil is to transfer 550,000 barrels of oil per day in exchange for 17 percent of the national budget.

Erbil and Baghdad have been embroiled in a dispute over oil export revenues and budget payments since the beginning of 2014 when former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki ceased budget transfers to the KRG.

Kurdish authorities maintain that Baghdad has failed to transfer the full budget amount each month despite exceeding the agreed upon export amount.

In contrast, the Iraqi officials say the KRG hasn’t been committed to the deal.

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