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Stop the genocide of Syria’s Kurdish Afrin

2018/02/19 | 23:50

(Iraq Now News)-

A Turkish-backed Syrian mercenary fighter carries a military binoculars north of the Kurdish city of Afrin, Syrian Kurdistan February 18, 2018.

Photo: Reuters

Shamm Shamayi Salih | Exclusive to Ekurd

The last weeks of events in the city of Afrin in northern Syria have been terrifying to follow us Kurds around the world.

Despite the end of the war against the terrorist group Daesh (IS) after several years, we are once again forced to defend our borders against forces as yet, do not want to see us have an independent and free Kurdistan.

Last Month, Turkey launched another major military ground and airline operation against the Kurdish region Afrin, in northern Syria.

The war that is taking place in the city of Afrin in Syria should be taken seriously.

How many Kurdish civilians need to be killed before a whole world wakes up? The EU, the UN and the rest of the world community must begin to act vigorously for the oppression Erdogan Turkey exposes the Kurds.

The offensive has already killed many civilians, where the majority are children and women.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to fly their homes and hundreds have been murdered, while a whole world is bleeding.

The situation right now in the Middle East and Kurdistan is unsustainable.

It’s not okay that we as a country sit and starve at the time of the slaughter of adults and children.

This is not about supporting war, it is about young Kurdish freedom fighters who are forced to leave their homes and fight out and protect their people who are subjected to genocide.

I am tired of this and I do not intend to sit quiet while my people are subjected to genocide.

It’s time for the outside world to act for the justice and peace of my people.

No spokeswoman shall have the right to exercise violence against other groups of people.

The Turkish regime must immediately terminate its acts of war against the Kurdish civilian population in the city of Afrin.

I urge the Swedish government, Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, the EU and the entire world community to take their responsibility and actively act to stop Erdogan Turkey’s evil acts against my people.Yesterday we saved Kobane and today we will rid Afrin together!#SaveAfrin

Shamm Shamayi Salih, a young writer from Sweden.

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