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India to intensify security of embassy in Iraq

2018/02/23 | 21:10

(Iraq Now News)- India is preparing to deploy commandos of central paramilitary force – CRPF – at the Indian embassy in war-ravaged Iraq, which is under threat from ISIS, Al Qaeda and other terror groups, The Times of India reported on Friday.

A contingent of 45 highly trained men, led by a deputy commandant rank officer, will be initially posted to secure the embassy and diplomats in Baghdad and, if required, more personnel will be sent later.

The Indian embassy last faced a missile attack in 2004 but sources said lately RAW and other central intelligence agencies have warned of possible terror attacks.

An in-principle approval for the deployment of an armed squad at the complex located in the Al Mansour area of the Iraqi capital has already been accorded by the home ministry, sources said.

The CRPF commandos will have a specific task of securing the embassy, its diplomatic staff and their families against terror threats.


 “Given the constant threat of the ISIS terror group in Iraq, it was being discussed for a long time that the Indian embassy there should have a professional security cover,” an official said.

“The effort to send the paramilitary commandos is a move in that direction.

A final decision will be taken soon,” the official said.

While there has be no targeted hit at the Indian mission in Baghdad, the city has witnessed suicide attacks and bombings by ISIS terrorists.

The proposed contingent would not only guard the embassy complex, but also provide proximate security cover to senior diplomats and staffers every time they move out of the facility.

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