The talks on Kurdish independence referendum, such forgiveness!

2017/04/23 | 03:10

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Omar Sindi | Special to Ekurd.netWashington

The talk of the Towns these days on the status of referendum Kurdish Independence within the KRG perimeter, such forgiveness!

The liberation of a nation is not an easy task to accomplish, it would require a lot of scarifications of all the people who are involved on the issues, pacifically those who assume responsibilities, because they will rely on their people for tasks, at the same time people have to gain their trusts: The emotions are very high for freedom and liberties within the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) domain, but at the same time, the leaderships need not to go on the emotional status; they have to weigh the pros and cons of these contention issues.

Even though international support is very important, the KRG leaderships must not rely on foreign friends on this exigent issue.

In the late summer of 2014, when Daesh/ ISIS/ISIL terrorists ferociously attacked Kurdistan, without American and Europeans assistance it would have been impossible to sustain these ferocious attacks.

For examples, in the 1990’s, Eritrea, with a population of under 10 million in the Horn of Africa was able to defend itself against Ethiopian troops with a population of over 70 million.

During the breakup of Yugoslavia, the Bosnian war in 1992-1995, Sarajevo, the Capital of Bosnia was under siege over 60 days by Serbian forces under Slobodan Milosevic and his associates, but they defended themselves until the international support arrived, which was led mainly by American forces and Europeans forces, into breaking up the siege around Sarajevo.

Can KRG with stand the pressure militarily, economically and politically if it faces unforeseen situation like what happened around Sarajevo in the early 1990’s is open to question.

If all emblems are correct? When late summer in 2014, the terrorist Daesh forces attacked Shingar city, the KRG forces were unable to withstand that quick, sudden attack.

Not because the Peshmerga were unable to, but because the leadership did not prepare the Peshmerga for a situation like that, however Peshmerga through its history have valor performances in its fight against much larger armies with much more superior weapons than themselves.

For example, in the early 1960’s in the “Matin Mountain”, the fighting between Peshmerga forces and Iraqi army lasted for 44 days of relentless fighting, until finally the Peshmerga defeated the Iraqi army.

There are many, many other places that the Peshmerga have put up heroic battles against larger enemies with superior weapons too.

The “Sykes – Picot Agreements in 1916” has betrayed our people, betrayed our land, betrayed our water, betrayed our air, and betrayed every aspect of the Kurdish people’s life.

Ever since the Kurdish people have been living in the purgatory status each crises gives the birth to the next; the Kurdish people have struggled to unyoke these colonial power rules in their periphery; while at the same time having internal problems among the Kurdish political parties, have negatively affected Kurdish aspiration too.

The current internal problems among the Kurdish political parties it is not par for the course, it appears the rife is beyond political reconciliations.

The old border line between Rojava Kurdistan and basur Kurdistan, both authorities keeping border line life that border was engineered by the infamous Sykes and Picot Agreement.

Meanwhile, those politicians who claiming our neighbors will be receptive to the Kurdish referendum for independence, they should bear in mind when the Kurdish flag was raised in Kirkuk, the neighboring countries wasted no time vehemently objecting the Kurdish flag at the Kurdish city.

And, when the Kurdish origin Zuhal Demir became Secretary of the State in Belgian, Turkey again wasted no time objecting to her position because simply she is a Kurdish, even trying further to interfere the other sovereign a European country internal issue because they elected a Kurdish person, let alone to seek the Kurdish independence what kind of reaction will they offer? Definitely, it will not be a bunch of roses! They might try to use their military might’s, or just like to cultivate the old style tactics intra- Kurdish dispute an internal division, that is what the Safavid Dynast and Ottoman Empire, used to do, pitting Kurdish rulers against the other Kurdish rulers in their domain.

Many political pundits who are the observer of Kurdish politics have expressed that KRG is using referendum talk simply for internal politics.

It needs to be mentioned that the Kurdish Peshmerga troops in Iraqi Kurdistan are not a unified force, and are considered as militias of the ruling parties; the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) led by Massoud Barzani, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) led by Jalal Talabani – Widely reported by various media outlets, nationally and internationally.

With the dysfunctional Kurdish parliament and incoherent Kurdish forces “Peshmerga”, are Kurdish political parties ready for the subjective factor- Kurdish Independence? I would leave that question to the political pundits! But, on July 9th, 2016; Economic Magazine had published an article titled “Dream on hold”, but Mother Nature could change.

There are overwhelming empirical evidences that social engineering politically and economically fell through!

The talk of the town these days about referendum for the Kurdish independence within KRG periphery depends who you talk to, If you talk to the loyalist of both ruling parties, most likely on the surface they will say ’Go for it!’.

Whereas if you talk to nonpartisan people they too are for independence, but also they will talk about the other issues too: non-transparency in the government apparatus, about corruptions, nepotism, etc.

Omar Sindi, a senior writer, analyst and columnist for, Washington, United States.

The views expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

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