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Taliban briefly take Afghan district as security worsens

2018/03/12 | 22:15

(Iraq Now News)-  The Taliban briefly captured a district in western Afghanistan on Monday, officials said, as security continued to deteriorate in the besieged province of Farah, the New York Times reported.The fall of the district, Anardarah, came days after the Afghan security forces suffered heavy casualties in another district of Farah, which borders Iran and is situated along one of the country’s most lucrative drug routes.Afghan and Western officials warn that the country’s security could further deteriorate in the coming year, even as the American military finds itself drawn deeper into the war, with additional military advisers arriving to help Afghan forces.

The Taliban have yet to show any interest in a comprehensive peace offer made recently by the Afghan government.Dadullah Qani, a member of the Farah provincial council, said Taliban fighters stormed Anardarah district, which used to be a safe area, and overran a number of government compounds early on Monday.Additional troops that were later sent in retook the district and pushed the Taliban back out, said Nasrat Rahimi, a spokesman for the Afghan Interior Ministry.“They lost 56 fighters and a dozen of them were wounded,” Mr.

Rahimi said of the Taliban.

“Of our forces, I can confirm eight men were killed and 13 wounded.”Mohammad Naseer Mehri, a spokesman for the governor of Farah, said that the attack began around 4 a.m.

and that the Taliban had managed to enter the governor’s compound and seize it.“We sent more troops to the district and also called in air power to take part in ongoing fighting to halt the Taliban’s progress,” Mr.

Mehri said.As the Taliban have gained territory in recent years, Farah has become a greater concern for the Afghan government.

The province has repeatedly been on the verge of falling, with insurgents on several occasions managing to enter the provincial capital, Farah City.

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