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2018/06/07 | 14:30 Election Recount Ordered; Electoral Commission bosses Sacked Iraq Business News

2018/06/07 | 14:25 Confusion over Iran-Iraq Oil Swap Iraq Business News

2018/06/06 | 16:05 New Investment at Umm Qasr Port Iraq Business News

2018/06/05 | 04:15 Disputed Election Results Threaten Conflict in Kirkuk Iraq Business News

2018/06/04 | 18:35 ABB Wins Orders from Iraq’s Min of Electricity Iraq Business News

2018/06/04 | 18:30 95 Iraqi Civilians Killed in May Iraq Business News

2018/06/02 | 04:15 US Congress Targets Iraq Election Winners Iraq Business News

2018/06/01 | 03:55 War Correspondents form Committee to fight for Rights Iraq Business News

2018/05/31 | 16:30 Mitsubishi awarded $110m Iraq Port Contract Iraq Business News

2018/05/30 | 04:25 Al-Kask Refinery re-starts Production Iraq Business News

2018/05/29 | 10:25 Hanwha receives $230m Payment for Bismaya Iraq Business News

2018/05/28 | 10:25 Oil Ministry Finalises Export Figures for April Iraq Business News

2018/05/27 | 09:55 Genel Energy Confirms KRG Payment Iraq Business News

2018/05/26 | 10:20 Kuwaiti Investor plans $58m Project in Basra Iraq Business News

2018/05/25 | 17:05 Rosneft, KRG sign Gas Development Agreement Iraq Business News

2018/05/24 | 10:25 Mosul Dam Engineer may be Rescued Iraq Business News

2018/05/23 | 20:45 Market Review: Elections, the Economy and the Stock Market Iraq Business News

2018/05/23 | 20:10 Rosneft Discovers Oil at Block 12 Iraq Business News

2018/05/22 | 12:20 Ducorr completes Corrosion Protection work at Majnoon Iraq Business News

2018/05/21 | 17:55 Iraq Duty Free Responds to Allegations Iraq Business News

2018/05/20 | 06:30 Turkish Police Bust Iraq Car-Smuggling Gang Iraq Business News

2018/05/20 | 05:55 Australia Supporting De-Mining in Iraq Iraq Business News

2018/05/19 | 14:35 Sadr’s Bloc Wins Iraq Election Iraq Business News

2018/05/19 | 14:05 DNO Completes $400m Bond Placement Iraq Business News

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Video: Dozens of Iraqis killed, injured in Iran's Qom Video: Dozens of Iraqis killed, injured in Iran's Qom
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⋙ Electric Infrastructure Targeted; Six Killed in Iraq