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2017/06/04 | 10:55 Iran, US set for proxy clash on Syrian-Iraqi Border Iraq Business News

2017/06/03 | 11:25 Fallujah’s Devastated Industrial Zone to Re-Open Iraq Business News

2017/06/03 | 10:55 Barzani meets Gazprom Neft head in Russia Iraq Business News

2017/06/02 | 16:40 Genel Energy CFO to Leave Iraq Business News

2017/06/01 | 13:10 IFC Launches First Institute of Directors in Iraq Iraq Business News

2017/05/31 | 17:10 Oil Ministry Declares its Final Exports for April Iraq Business News

2017/05/30 | 20:15 A review of the Iraqi Equity Market for May 2017 Iraq Business News

2017/05/28 | 03:55 UNIDO, Japan support Projects for Economic Recovery Iraq Business News

2017/05/27 | 04:35 Academic says Visiting Iraq caused Problems entering US Iraq Business News

2017/05/27 | 04:05 Video: Radio Show finds Talent amid Rubble of Mosul Iraq Business News

2017/05/26 | 04:35 Iraq Considers Massive Oil Hedge Iraq Business News

2017/05/26 | 04:05 Currency Auction Results, 25th May Iraq Business News

2017/05/25 | 04:05 $100bn Plan to Rebuild Liberated Areas Iraq Business News

2017/05/25 | 03:35 Currency Auction Results, 24rd May Iraq Business News

2017/05/24 | 03:05 SOMO considers JVs in Oil Shipping, Storage Iraq Business News

2017/05/24 | 02:35 Currency Auction Results, 23rd May Iraq Business News

2017/05/23 | 04:10 Former French Ambassador had Bag Stuffed with Banknotes Iraq Business News

2017/05/23 | 03:40 Currency Auction Results, 18th May Iraq Business News

2017/05/22 | 11:20 Navistar Wins $18m Iraq Contract Iraq Business News

2017/05/21 | 11:25 New Investment Opportunities: Refineries in Diwaniya and Anbar Iraq Business News

2017/05/21 | 10:55 Following Video Leak, Minorities address Hate Speech Iraq Business News

2017/05/19 | 18:40 Inherent Resolve Strikes Target ISIS in Syria, Iraq Iraq Business News

2017/05/18 | 12:50 Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists Iraq Business News

2017/05/17 | 13:50 Atrush Production expected this Summer Iraq Business News

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