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2018/05/08 | 15:55 Jihadists, drought threaten pastoral life in Sahel region middle-east-online

2018/05/08 | 10:15 Anti-war activists seek to save Iraqi cause from oblivion middle-east-online

2018/05/07 | 16:45 Erdogan in bind as opposition forms alliance for elections middle-east-online

2018/05/06 | 15:40 The politics of gesture from Syria to Iran middle-east-online

2018/05/06 | 15:05 Shifts across cultures are affecting image of women middle-east-online

2018/05/03 | 17:55 Gaza cut out of gas boom middle-east-online

2018/05/02 | 14:00 London exhibition revives memories of Libya middle-east-online

2018/05/01 | 12:35 Tunis forum shows puppetry is not just for children middle-east-online

2018/04/30 | 13:15 Place your bet: Three options for the Iran nuclear deal ـ middle-east-online

2018/04/30 | 12:40 Electioneering may have cost Iraq big oil deals middle-east-online

2018/04/30 | 12:05 Another Lens to View Syria: its Merchants ـ middle-east-online

2018/04/29 | 13:30 Egypt strengthens terror financing crackdown middle-east-online

2018/04/29 | 10:00 Iraqi artists in Jordan helping young talents blossom middle-east-online

2018/04/27 | 11:30 6 killed in Algeria floods middle-east-online

2018/04/27 | 10:20 The Dying In Syria Rests On The Conscience Of The West ـ middle-east-online

2018/04/27 | 01:05 Morocco king visits police headquarters in Temara middle-east-online

2018/04/26 | 18:05 Israel flash floods leave several young people missing middle-east-online

2018/04/26 | 16:20 Highs and lows in Egypt’s Operation Sinai middle-east-online

2018/04/25 | 18:00 Madani’s resignation sheds light on Iranian power play middle-east-online

2018/04/25 | 16:50 Syria aid donations for 2018 fall short of amount hoped middle-east-online

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⋙ The Iraq war is still haunting US foreign policy

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