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Urgent statement from Iraqi Prime Minister to Kurdistan

2017/09/29 | 15:34

(Iraq Now News)- Statement==========

The Media Office of the Prime Minister Dr.

Haider Al-Abadi confirms that the Iraqi government protects the rights and privileges of all our people, including our Kurdish citizens, and that any action taken is careful not to harm them.

We note that the control of the central government on the land and air passages in the Kurdistan region is not to starve and prevent supplies and blockade citizens in the region, as alleged and promoted by some officials of the Kurdistan region, but procedures to return control of entry and exit of goods and individuals to the territory to the federal government and federal regulatory agencies, as is implemented at all Iraqi ports to ensure the prevention of smuggling and corruption.

We also note that the imposition of the federal authority at the airports of the Kurdistan region is the transfer of the authority of airports in Kurdistan to the federal authority according to the Constitution, as is the case in all Iraqi airports in other provinces and as is the practice in all countries of the world.

Domestic flights continue to operate and as soon as airports in the region are returned to federal authority the international flights will continue.

This is not a punishment for citizens in the region, but is a constitutional and legal action approved by the Council of Ministers for the benefit of citizens in Kurdistan and other areas.

----------------Prime Minister‘s Media Office29 September 2017


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